1. P

    Position Wanted Unmatched position list

    After searching threads with no luck, I am asking if you know how to find unmatched positions. I'm finishing my TRI and didn't match into residency. I'm looking for almost anything but limited to the west. find a resident- you have to pay for it? There are other similar sites nms- can't find...
  2. NYUyankeezfan

    Letters of Recs

    Hey all, I'm in mainly applying to allopathic IM programs but am interested in applying for 2 dually-accredited IM programs via the NMS and NRMP matches. I have 3 of the 4 letters I need thus far. If I assign 3 of the letters before the 4th one is uploaded, would I still be able to upload the...
  3. G

    The Switch to NRMP

    As we progress to 2020, all the osteopathic programs that become pre-accredited and finally accredited will be trickling over to the NRMP from the NMS. I wanted to see if there is a list of the programs that have switched over already, and if there isn't we should start one right here. As far...