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  1. U

    Non-US IMG 2019 match Thread!!!!(IM,FM,NEURO)

    Hey Guys!!! NRMP opens in a month! Let's stay together.
  2. P

    EAD by Match Day or Residency

    Hello, I need help with an issue. I am a US citizen currently a resident planning to marry my girlfriend who is a non-US IMG applicant. We've known each other for 4 years and have been together for 3 years. I just want to know overall for programs, when she files a change of status around...
  3. Tunnelvision_1

    Highly appreciate if you advise me for IM 2019 match

    Need your opinion on my profile. Any feedback will help........ will post profile soon hopefully
  4. B

    Advice on pursuing general surgery

    Hi everyone I am a non citizen IMG, step 1 246, step 2 223 (gave step 2 Ck before step 1, do regret tht now). I plan to do step 2 CS and step 3 next year. Along with 5 publications and 3mo usce..will have done an internship in Pakistan as well FY2 in the UK My YOG is 2016 I want to apply to GS...
  5. T

    Which hospitals are 18 non US IMG MATCH into EM Residency Program (1891 spots) in 2016?

    I am a non US IMG, will be applying for MATCH 2018 and really want to get into EM. From the SAP Crystal Reports 2016 MATCH, only 18 non US IMG get into EM that has 1891 position available. If anyone has any information, connection, friends, friend of friend, rumors, etc. about which hospital...