north dakota

  1. D

    School list

    I know this question is always asked, but I would like some help with choosing schools to apply to. Stats: 1. 23 DAT AA, 21 P, 20 QR, 20 RC, 25 Bio, 23 GC, 26 OC, 24 TS 2. North Dakota Resident (We don't have a dental school, so I plan to apply largely to WICHE schools because I get money and...
  2. Future OT2Be

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of Mary Interview

    So I received a call today asking me if I would like to interview for The University of Mary in Bismark. I said yes and will have the interview via Face Time this Thursday. I was hoping to see if someone could tell me what type of questions I should expect. I have only had one other interview...
  3. WestTXisGr8

    Retail Pharmacist Needed in Williston, ND

    No longer have openings
  4. R

    North Dakota or Minnesota-Duluth?

    Hello Everyone, Long time reader, first time thread poster. I am fortunate enough to possibly have a choice of medical schools to attend in 2016. I have been accepted to Minnesota-Duluth and I have an interview at North Dakota. I have been trying to find websites that compare these two...