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  1. hermionegranger9

    Florida School

    Florida schools -uf -um -fsu
  2. S

    Northeastern vs. Santa Clara vs. Loyola Marymount

    Please help with any undergrad insight for these schools as a biology major on the pre-med track. My daughter needs to decide by May 1st and she has made a Pro/Con list that has all these schools equal (we visited all 3 campuses and even though we are from Seattle, I have family in the NE that...
  3. T

    BU vs Northeastern for Neuroscience

    Hi everyone! I think I've read 37984574380 articles at this point regarding the various caveats of choosing an undergrad for pre med, so I would love to hear from some "real" people about their opinions on the two schools that I am currently deciding between. Right now, I have narrowed down...
  4. X

    BU vs Tufts vs Northeastern MPH

    I got accepted into all three MPH programs. Wondering what peoples thoughts are? Which one is better? I am looking to go into epidemiology...I also am hoping to do something in autoimmune disease research