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Apr 3, 2017
Please help with any undergrad insight for these schools as a biology major on the pre-med track. My daughter needs to decide by May 1st and she has made a Pro/Con list that has all these schools equal (we visited all 3 campuses and even though we are from Seattle, I have family in the NE that we visit every Christmas). We talked to pre-med students accepted into medical schools from SCU and LMU but not Northeastern and due to FERPA laws, are having trouble connecting with them so we are hoping to find some NU graduates (or anyone with info) here. In the mean time here is what we found:

SCU and LMU - small, lots of hands on research starting freshman year since little to no grad students to share lab time with.

Northeastern - wondering how easy it is to get research time as freshman or sophomore and will the lab time be meaningful or more likely cleaning up. During the preview day we attended, one professor said his labs were for juniors/seniors/grad students.

SCU - may apply to Honors but after talking to Honors advisor and PreHealth advisor, it appears that research experiences are open to all and only 1 in 10 students accepted to medical school are Honors.

LMU - waitlisted to Honors program but guessing this is similar to SCU where its not needed. We talked to a student that got into medical school and he said he didn’t do Honors because It can hurt your GPA.

NU - accepted to the Honors program and would live in Honors dorm and get Honors advisor although there is no priority registration time like LMU and SCU.

NU has the easiest access to hospitals (could walk), SCU has a relationship with one nearby hospital and LMU has hospitals within a quick car ride. If she went to LMU, we would bring a car down for our two daughters to share.

Northeastern and SCU would cost the same - about $14k more per year than LMU but we can cover the difference without loans so not factoring this in too much. However, since my daughter isn’t having any revelations about any particular school, this is now beginning to be something we are thinking about. Also, my older daughter is a sophomore at LMU which has its pluses and minuses.

My daughter would like to finish in 4 years and apply spring of junior year (June date at end of junior year) to medical school to hopefully go straight through to medical school without a gap year. We know this is aggressive and could change but she is starting out with this goal. We talked to NU advisor and heard on Preview Day that you can finish in 4 years with a single co-op or some other experiential learning requirement like a summer abroad program they offer.

Any insight on the undergrad biology Honors program at Northeastern, or undergrad biology program at SCU and LMU as a pre-med would be helpful. Any thoughts about research and other considerations would be great.
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