1. M

    CSUN vs APU (Azusa Pacific University). Which one should I pick?

    Hello everyone, I am deciding on which school to commit to. As of now I am admitted at CSUN but today, I just a call from APU offering me admission. Both schools have excellent ultimate pass rates and employment rates 6 months after graduation. Hope to hear opinions on which is a better pick...
  2. TBD PT

    Comparing CSU Schools (for the student and the spouse)

    My wife will be applying to PT schools this summer/fall for next summer/fall. We currently live in the SF Bay Area and have for some time (~12 years) but we're open to (if not in favor of) relocating for school, though we'd prefer to stay in California to keep tuition costs reasonable. Thus...
  3. M

    Study Partner in northridge California

    need a study partner in Northridge California for step 1. From beginning. Can meet up in CSUN library or Northridge library.
  4. A

    CSU Northridge acceptance

    I just got accepted into the Fall 2017 class at CSU Northridge off the waitlist, so I didn't attend the info session they offered earlier this year. To any current or past CSUN DPT students, what did and didn't you like about the program? Where do students typically live? Any other information...