1. joe7456

    Best tablet for studying in med school?

    hello, Please post your favorite tablet below and why you think it will suffice for upcoming medical students?
  2. @Hazel-rah

    Note-taking DURING MCAT on Test Day? Is there time?

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has advice or thoughts on taking notes while reading P/S or B/B experiment passages. When I do the section bank, I am not doing timed conditions, so I make quick drawings of what is going on in the experiment and it greatly helps me get the answers right. I...
  3. doc4kids93

    Does anyone have non-traditional way of taking notes?

    How do you take notes? My note taking has evolved over the years based on classes. My freshman year, I would use the traditional notebook and paper, but I found that I write too slow, so I started using a computer to type. My sophmore year, I would use a camera to record my physics lecture (with...