1. a_zed24

    Fever control in G6PD deficiency

    NSAIDs can generally be administered to patients with favism in a usual therapeutic dose. However, if hemolysis occurs, the NSAID should be discontinued. What if a patient with favism and uncontrolled fever shows hemolyisis upon administration of NSAIDs? How can we manage their fever in that...
  2. A

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    I am slightly confused as to how NSAIDs can cause Crohn’s disease as I thought NSAIDs block the production of COX 1 and COX 2, thus preventing inflammation – but Crohn’s is an inflammatory disease. Could someone please explain this to me. Thanks :)
  3. Maddox_doc

    NSAIDs constipation MOA

    Dear friends, I understand how opiods, anticholinergics, Fe, CCB, and diuretics can cause constipation. But can someone explain how NSAIDs cause constipation? What is the mechanism of action? o_O
  4. P

    Why can oral ketorolac not be used as the first dose?

    I have been searching as part of a drug information response for the answer to this question. I cannot find any literature to explain this distinction for drug administration and the package insert does not have any more information. Does anyone know the reason and have a source to prove it...