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  1. J

    Kareo Billing

    Anyone using kareo for private practice billing? My group just switched over and Im having difficulty reading the billing summary. It has 4 headers: Charges, Payments, Adjustments Balance For example: Mr. X 99308 encounter in the nursing home: Charge: 150 Payment 48.78 Adjustment 78.65...
  2. J

    Nursing Home Geriatrics

    Hi Everyone, I started new outpatient work and am slowly building a practice. In the meantime, I picked up an opportunity doing nursing home rounds 2 days a week. I was reluctant to take on the gig, because I have little geriatric experience. The medical director just said start low go slow...
  3. prepremed18079

    Nursing Home Code Blue?!?!?!?!?

    I'm a High School Sophomore and also a CNA student. I start clinicals next week Friday, and for some reason all I been thinking about is what if one of my clients/residents starts to code? I am not yet CPR certified and we havn't gone over "Basic Emergency Care" yet... what is the protocol for a...