o chem

  1. M

    Advice for handling pre-med classes?

    I’m switching to pre-med from a psychology/research background and I’m nervous about how difficult pre-med classes may be—any tips on how to best study for bio, chem, and phys?
  2. S

    Need Advice gpa (3.8) but 5 withdraws?

    I have a 3.8 gpa and I haven't gotten my mcat score back yet but I scored 512 plus on all my practice exams. I did really bad first semester sophomore year where I got a BC (basically a c+ since the a BC is 2.5) in organic chem and got B's in a couple of other classes. I got really scared since...
  3. nembry

    Anyone who thinks Organic Chem is easier than Genchem?

    I'm taking O chem 1 this Fall, just finished Genchem 2. are there any brave souls out there who seem to find more ease in O chem than they did in Gen chem?
  4. A

    Advice for O Chem?

  5. M

    Retake Ochem 1?

    hey everyone! how much of Ochem 2 builds on o chem 1? The reason I'm asking is that I’m trying to decide if i should retake ochem 1, not necessarily to get a better grade (I got a C), but because if it builds into o chem 2 a lot, i would rather do o chem 1 again, just so I don't struggle in o...