oat destroyer

  1. RyuTatum

    2021 OAT Breakdown/Experience (Score: 370AA)

    I just took the OAT and I’m pretty happy with my scores. I’ll do my best to share my OAT experience. I was initially going to take the OAT earlier this year but had to postpone it because of a busy school schedule. I’m not a genius (3.42 GPA as a Bio major) but I do like to think I work very...
  2. P

    Physics on OAT

    How is the physics section? Is it optics heavy? Do we really need to know all of the equations, or are the basic ones most important. I think chad's videos are very mcat oriented. Is all of that covered on the exam? Are destroyers a more accurate representation of the OAT? Sorry for all the...
  3. A

    OAT Books For Sale! Pictures in Comments!

    Hey all! I am selling all of the material I used to do well on the OAT last summer. I have the following available: - Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased writing) - Kaplan Lesson Book- (minimal erased writing) - Kaplan Flashcards- (all...
  4. A

    OAT Material For Sale

    I am selling all of the materials I used to study for the OAT. All of these things together helped me to get a competitive score and get into one of the top optometry schools! The following is for sale: Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased...
  5. P

    OAT Kaplan 2016 Review Book + OAT Destroyer + Flash cards

    FOR SALE! OAT Big Blue Kaplan Review Notes Book 2016 (VERY helpful, covers all major topics in depth!!) OAT Destroyer (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning, Biology, Physics) which includes hundreds of practice questions with detailed solutions (VERY SIMILAR TO OAT) OAT...
  6. L

    Thoughts on OAT destroyer and OAT achiever 2017?

    I have seen a lot of old info circulating these 2 and was wondering if the Achiever on its own will be enough for practice problems? I've heard the Achiever was much harder than the Destroyer and that the Destroyer better prepares you for more realistic questions that would appear on the exam...
  7. Y


    Selling OAT Destroyer and math combo 2016 (not written in)- original 199.99 plus shipping selling- 150 Kaplan OAT package that includes the Review Notes, Lesson Book, Flash Cards, and Whiteboard and marker - $110 (review notes has very little writing and some highlighting.) Kaplan OAT 5th...
  8. Y

    1 week until the big day...

    My test is this Monday. With the limited time I have left, would you guys suggest purchasing OAT Achiever to stimulate more test-like environment or should I continue studying from the OAT destroyer (2nd time over)/Chad's/Kaplan. I did take 2 of the Kaplan tests that came with the book and my...
  9. A

    OAT Books for Sale!

    I took my OAT this week and am now selling all my books/materials. The following is for sale: Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased writing) Kaplan Lesson Book- (minimal erased writing) Kaplan Flashcards Kaplan OAT Quicksheets Kaplan OAT Book...
  10. K

    OAT Destroyer Review?

    Hi guys, I was thinking about buying the OAT Destroyer book but it is a little pricey ~200 on eBay. I don't know if it's worth it or not. Did anyone use the recent ones and what were your thoughts on it?
  11. D

    Anyone Selling OAT destroyer?

    Hey Everyone, I am writing my OAT in July and I want to be really prepared for this test. It's basically do or die for me. I was hoping if anyone has the OAT destroyer books and they are willing to sell it I would really appreciate it. I was on the OAT destroyer website and was gonna buy the...
  12. E

    For Sale Orgoman Destroyer+Math+Odyssey(orgo)

    Hello! I am selling my OAT Destroyer Physics book (2014 Version) The book is in a brand new condition and has never been used before. I am in New York --I can either meet up or ship it to you. Price: $55 (shipping isn't included)
  13. H

    OAT Materials For Sale

    Hi everyone, I am selling the following OAT prep materials: Kaplan 2016 big blue book (bio, gen chem, orgo, physics, math, reading) Kaplan 2016 lesson book OAT destroyer 2016 (bio, gen chem, orgo, reading,) + 2016 physics destroyer LOTS of flashcards (both Kaplan and my own) All in good...
  14. D

    OAT Destroyer is a must!!

    Hello everyone! So I recently just took my OAT and my scores are as follows: Quantitative Reasoning - 340 Reading Comp. - 340 Bio - 370 Gen. Chem. - 400 Orgo - 380...
  15. D

    Looking for OAT DESTROYER 2016

    Looking to buy OAT Destroyer, Physics Destroyer (math destroyer as well, if available!) PM me!
  16. H

    oat practice tests and books study materials for sale

    SELLING OAT BOOKS! Great resources that helped me score 97th percentile :) ALL IN LIKE-NEW condition! any markings (very very few) are in light pencil that can easily be erased Kaplan 2016 big blue book-includes all info of all sections along with practice questions OAT DESTROYER book: must...
  17. Doptical27

    OAT 2016

    Hi! I plan on taking the OAT at the end of august and was wondering if anyone was selling 2016 Kaplan material and possibly still have access that i can purchase from them.
  18. boo14

    Selling OAT Destroyer!

    Selling OAT Destroyer books 1) OAT Destroyer (Organic, gen chem, biology and quantitative reasoning) 2014 version 2) Math destroyer 2015 version 3) Physics Destroyer 2014 version No marks on the inside. $150 for everything. email at [email protected]
  19. 2

    Kaplan class vs Coursesaver (w/ destroyer and all other sources)

    Hello. I'm planning to study for OAT for 2~3 months(minimum 7 hours everyday). I've already took all the prerequisites and I did fine on all those classes. I'm debating whether I should register for the Kaplan course or do the coursesaver.com (along with all other sources). If I choose to...
  20. I


    Barely used: 1. 2013 OAT Destroyer Physics- $65 (some writing in it) 2. 2013 Organic Chemistry Odyssey- $80 3. 2013 Math Destroyer-$70 Can bundle all 3 for 200 4. DAT Gold Standard: QR- $40 Biology- $40 Chemistry- $40 5. OAT Gold Standard Physics -$40 If you want all 3 6. Kaplan OAT review...