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    Oat physics section

    Hi all! Quick question: is Young's double split experiment stuff on the exam? The physics section in the Kaplan 2016 prep book barely had one paragraph on it, and didn't talk about any equations like dsin(theta)=m(wavelength) Thanks!
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    OAT Materials For Sale

    Hi everyone, I am selling the following OAT prep materials: Kaplan 2016 big blue book (bio, gen chem, orgo, physics, math, reading) Kaplan 2016 lesson book OAT destroyer 2016 (bio, gen chem, orgo, reading,) + 2016 physics destroyer LOTS of flashcards (both Kaplan and my own) All in good...
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    Interactive learning by the Gold Standard OAT Don't study hard, study efficiently! Gold Standard OAT Physics Review is not just a book. It is a multimedia learning tool that begins with advice as to how to get the best GPA for your application, explains how to prepare for the optometry...