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    Defeat the DAT for OAT prep?

    I've been doing defeat the dat gen chem and organic chem questions and dat bootcamp physics questions preparing for my oat and I was wondering how similar they are to the actual oat? Whoever has taken the OAT please let me know!! Thanks :)
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    My OAT

    Hey guys, I took the OAT at the end of the summer, and I had kind of an odd experience with my test so I figured I'd tell about it in case it gives hope to anybody else! My stats: TS: 400 AA: 390 Bio, Gen Chem, OChem, RC: 400 QR: 390 Physics: 360 GPA: 3.91 I did well and I am happy with my...
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    Critique my study plan please?

    I'm planning on taking the OAT around the middle of July, allowing myself 7 weeks to study for it. I'm only working a few hours a week in order to be able to spend most of my time studying. Assuming I study around 4-6 hours per day and give myself weekends off, will it be possible to thoroughly...
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    Selling BRAND NEW 2017-2018 Kaplan OAT Book

    Selling BRAND NEW OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests: Online + Book (Kaplan Test Prep) Price(shipping included): $60 Reply if interested!
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    OAT Materials For Sale

    Hi everyone, I am selling the following OAT prep materials: Kaplan 2016 big blue book (bio, gen chem, orgo, physics, math, reading) Kaplan 2016 lesson book OAT destroyer 2016 (bio, gen chem, orgo, reading,) + 2016 physics destroyer LOTS of flashcards (both Kaplan and my own) All in good...
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    Wanted: OAT Study Accountability Partner :)

    Hello future optometrists, Is there anyone out there who would like a study partner/study accountability partner? I need someone to help keep me accountable and on track with my OAT studies, and I will do the same for you! I will encourage you, help you study, and trust me when I say I will...
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    Barely used: 1. 2013 OAT Destroyer Physics- $65 (some writing in it) 2. 2013 Organic Chemistry Odyssey- $80 3. 2013 Math Destroyer-$70 Can bundle all 3 for 200 4. DAT Gold Standard: QR- $40 Biology- $40 Chemistry- $40 5. OAT Gold Standard Physics -$40 If you want all 3 6. Kaplan OAT review...
  8. Gold Standard Multimedia

    Advertisement OAT Physics: OAT Review with Hundreds of Sample Questions and 1 Full-length OAT Practice Test!

    Interactive learning by the Gold Standard OAT Don't study hard, study efficiently! Gold Standard OAT Physics Review is not just a book. It is a multimedia learning tool that begins with advice as to how to get the best GPA for your application, explains how to prepare for the optometry...