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    BioEngineering Student Asking About Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Training

    Hello all, I am a BioEngineering Student, and I am currently doing a Senior Capstone Project on Chorionic Villus Sampling. My team and I have been researching and interviewing various doctors about the procedure and how residents and medical students often train for it. However, we would...
  2. D

    Do I Have A Chance To Match At Stanford OB/GYN With Sub-Par Step 1?

    I got my score back recently, and ended up with a 222, which was significantly lower than I wanted. So now I'm stressed, because it's already lower than the national average, not to mention an Ivy-League standard. I did well on my OB/GYN rotation and got strong comments. I haven't started...
  3. O

    Date swap NYU obgyn

    Anyone willing to switch a December 9th NYU interview date for my date on December 2nd? PM me if so!
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    OFFICIAL OB/Gyn Interview Invite Thread 2016-2017

    This thread was created last year and was extremely helpful for applicants from my school. Please post dates of when you receive interview invitations from each place as they come in. Simply copy and paste the previous post and add new places to it. Good luck everyone!
  5. mwright24

    Osteopathic OB/GYN Interview Invites and Experiences 2015-2016

    Confirmed interview dates for programs: Mercy St. Vincent: Toledo, Ohio- October 22 Doctors Hospital: Columbus, Ohio- November 6,7 OSU Medical Center: Tulsa, Oklahoma- November 18, 19 If you know of any other dates please add them to the list
  6. mwright24

    Osteopathic Ob/Gyn Interview Invites and Pro's & Con's (2015-2016)