obgyn shelf exam

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    USMLE/COMLEX Ob/Gyn Shelf Exam QBank (+$79 subscription raffle)

    SDN will randomly select one member who posts here to receive a FREE 90-day subscription for the Ob/Gyn shelf exam - with over 380 dedicated Ob/Gyn questions! ExamGuru is a unique question bank focused preparing third year medical students for the shelf exams. Our team of over 30 physician...
  2. Sublimazing

    OB/GYN Shelf Questions

    Hey guys, got my OBGYN shelf tomorrow. Had some questions if you don't mind. 1.) Do abnormal PAP result (ASCUS/LSIL...) treatment guidelines/algorithms come up as questions? Like: "24yo with LSIL, what is next best step...Colpo vs CKC/LEEP vs repeat testing? I ask because these guidelines...