1. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS Meeting OT Requirements amidst this pandemic

    Hello, I am an upcoming senior graduating May 2021 and I was planning on applying to OT school soon in order to start right away after I graduate. I know some applications open this summer but a lot of places have halted accepting volunteers over the summer due to the pandemic. I have started...
  2. D

    Other OT-Related Information Torn between PT and OT

    Hello! I have just completed my first college semester, and am currently enrolled in the 3+3 PT program offered at my university. Over the holiday break I decided to start shadowing, but had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time observing Occupational Therapists as well. I...
  3. O

    Employment & Professional Networking Loan Forgivness OTD

    As a student hoping to start occupational therapy school in Fall 2017, I was hoping to get some info on different loan forgiveness options that people have come across. I'd love to hear from those that have actually taken part in the programs and paid off their student loans through these...
  4. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Program Ranking: does it really matter?

    Hi everyone! Does the graduate school one attends for their MSOT or DOT really matter? (in terms of future job placement) Programs are so expensive. Applications aside, planning out interviews and paying for deposits has become extremely costly. I'm torn between picking a lower ranked...
  5. O

    Other OT-Related Information What's the biggest pain point you have in your OT practice?

    Hi everybody! My name is Otto, I'm a Computer Science Engineer currently doing research about the Occupational Therapists market, I'm trying to learn about the pain points you experience in your profession, in order to make an attempt to alleviate them using software. I'm looking for whatever...
  6. wannabeOT2

    General Admissions & OTCAS Chances for OT school?? Recent grad

    Hi everyone so here's my prospects so far: University: University of Hawaii at Manoa Major: Psychology Overall GPA: 3.5 Pre-Req GPA: 3.2 Major GPA: 3.5 GRE: Haven't taken it yet. Plan to this April Extra-Curric: Currently working as a Nurse Aide through a home care company - Also working at a...
  7. OT_92

    Other OT-Related Information I am looking for an OT to shadow in the SF Bay Area

    Hello everyone! I am a prospective OT student and would like to shadow a current Occupational Therapist in the Bay Area. I am especially interested in pediatrics & mental health. I've only been browsing & learning about the job on the internet, and would like to meet an OT in person to see &...