official score report

  1. B

    DAT Official Score Report Error?

    Hello, I took the DAT in September and received the following scores on my unofficial score report: Bio:22 Chem:28 Orgo:25 QR:23 RC:22 PAT:18 AA:24 TS:25 However, I logged into the online ADA website to just check and see if my "official" report had been posted. It was listed as: Academic...
  2. F

    Retaking PCAT in October/November for Pharmcas Dec 1,2016 Deadline.

    Guys I need some advice, I took the PCAT in July2016 and these were my scores: Essay: 2.5 BIOL: 82 CHEM: 96 QR:29 CR:16 COMP: 64 I haven't registered for the OCT/NOV PCAT because im unsure if I can retake it and be ready (PCAT results in pharmcas) for the Dec 1 2016 pharmcas deadline. What do...
  3. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Do I notify schools of DAT score or wait?

    Most of the schools I applied to would like to see the official score posted via AADSAS. I took my DAT yesterday. I don't wanna bother each school just to say, "Since I took the DAT you should be receiving the official score in few weeks" or something along that line. Do schools check promptly...