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    31 yo, third time non-trad applicant with great grades and MCAT - questions about PS and interviews

    Hi guys, So I'm finding myself applying to med school for the third time. My main question has to do with the personal statement, but any additional advice people could offer would be greatly appreciated. In regards to the PS, should I acknowledge/account for the fact I'm applying for the...
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    commit or quit ?? is 27 TOO OLD to begin medical school ??

    Hi! I have some data for you: ACADEMIC Pre-med in undergrad, Psych degree (2009-2013) <- calling schools and checking whether pre-reqs expire 3.7 sci GPA, 3.8 non-sci GPA I am taking the MCAT in August (took the old version in 2014 and received 29~ 8 PS, 10 BS, 11 V) If I get a competitive...
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    sincere honest feedback

    Hello, I am looking for honest feedback/advice regarding my situation. I graduated from engineering school in 2011. I had one W and one semester of all C's. I took a gap year after graduating where I shadowed and volunteered. I took the MCAT in 2012 with no strict studying and obtained a...