older adult

  1. S

    What can I do to get into Medical School? (Opinion)

    Hello Everyone! I am in the application process for the 2019 application cycle. I have a question about the weakness of my application. Please feel free to comment: Male Caucasian 26 years old Didn't go to a good school (acceptance rate is 94%) cumulative gpa was 3.4. (College GPA was 3.7...
  2. spacemuffin

    Recommendation letters for applications for older student

    I just turned 29 and graduated the University in 2012. I plan to apply to medical school in the next year or two, depending on how well my preparation for the MCAT goes. After doing a good deal of research, it seems that many schools require recommendation letters from various professors or a...
  3. smb660

    Dental Schools with a Special Needs Focus

    Any advice on choosing schools that have programs with direct attention to the older adult, physically and mentally challenged and/or complex medical histories?