1. applytothisposition

    Open PGY2 OBGYN spot in New York

    must have already completed pgy1 year of OBGYN!! Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, NY PGY-2 position will become available October 1, 2021. Qualified applicants must have completed at least one year of training in an ACGME-accredited OB/GYN Residency program and be in good...
  2. A

    Position Swap PGY2 Radiology in NJ (available now) swap for IM

    PGY2 radiology resident in NJ. Want to swap for a PGY2 position in IM.
  3. M

    CT vs vascular

    I’ve been torn between vascular and CT for a while. I love vascular in general and would like to operate on blood vessels, regardless of the anatomical regions. The tie-breaker would be the open surgeries, I guess. My questions are as follows; 1.) What’s the bread and butter open surgery...
  4. Cashmeous

    Should I pay the open-access fee?

    The journal I am planning to submit my manuscript to has an "open-access fee." In the best-case scenario, it will be accepted, and I will have to choose between having it either open-access or not. My institution provides $1,500 of financial assistance (this is their maximum per article), but...
  5. B

    Other Contacting programs about transfer openings

    Any advice for contacting programs about available transfer positions? I know that the party line is to tell your PD that you want to leave and then blanket email every program in the country and pray. That said, I would like to hear about people's experiences since there does not seem to be...
  6. D

    Position Wanted PGY-1 or 2 Ob/Gyn looking to swap or open position

    Looking for anyone interested in swapping PGY-1 (soon to be PGY-2) position. I'm located in the Midwest. Interested in any/all locations. PM for more details.
  7. C

    Position Swap Looking for swap to any residency PGY1, currently PGY1 pathology resident in Chicago

    I am currently PGY-1 resident in pathology in great chicago program, looking to switch to another residency, open to which type.