ophthalmology fellowship

  1. james_beam

    Oculoplastics Fellowship Interviews 2024 (for 2025 positions)

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone is interested in tracking interviews as they roll out like some have done in previous years. If so, either a separate document or tracking on this thread would be helpful I think. Good luck to everyone applying!
  2. E

    Board Exams OphthoQuestions Site-Wide 15% Discount

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  3. C

    Cataract & Refractive Surgery Fellowship - Cleveland Eye Clinic/Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center

    Hello Cataract, Refractive, & Anterior Segment surgery fellow applicants! I want to provide an introduction and update for the amazing one-year cataract and refractive surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Eye Clinic and Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center with William Wiley, MD and Shamik Bafna, MD...
  4. chocogramcracka

    Cornea Fellowship 2022-2023 (applying 2021)

    New thread for when cornea fellowship interviews roll out
  5. emgy

    Glaucoma Fellowship Application (apply 2018, start 2019)

    Anyone else out there applying to glaucoma fellowship? I thought I would start a thread. It is hard to know a ton about each program so if anyone has anything to add/share please do! Bascom Palmer Palm Beach (email 9/7) Interview Date: Nov 9 Boston (email 8/25) Interview Dates Sept 29, Oct 20...