orthodontics specialist

  1. O

    Anyone looking for an Ortho opening?

    I'm new here and love the camaraderie, information and interactions I see.
  2. R

    Ortho Residency Chances as a Sub-Optimal Applicant

    First time poster here. Graduated with a DDS in 2017 and am currently serving in the military with 4 years of commitment. During school I didn't feel like I got enough exposure to pursue any specific residency but now that I've been practicing for about a year I'm interested in Ortho. My GPA is...
  3. I

    Orthodontic Ebook Request

    Hi guys, im an orthodontic resident from indonesia To be honest, in my campus library is lack of current orthodontic books, the new one is from 2009. Can you guys help me find these books..?? 1. Creative Orthodontics Blending the Damon System & TADS to Manage Difficult Malocclusions, 2nd ed...
  4. D

    Are there any Orthodontist PG on here??

    I want to ask you questions if you dont mind me PMing you.
  5. Smilesbylyles

    Have any orthodontics treatment to fill gap between teeth in six month?

    My friend is going to university for doing the study but her teeth are not aligned and also a gap in teeth, he wants to fill the gap of teeth but not want to wear aligner in university that's why he wants more faster orthodontics treatment.