orthopedic physical therapy

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    Scope of Practice in Manual Therapy for a Physical Therapist

    I am an undergraduate student currently looking into the PT profession and I am most interested in manual therapy/ortho. I've read the APTA manipulation/mobilization articles and they state that there is conflict between chiropractors and physical therapists in that area. I have been to a...
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    Orthopedics: Residency vs. Specialization?

    Hey everyone, As I'm making my way through my DPT program at University of St. Augustine, I'm contemplating what my career plans will be post-graduation. I know that I will definitely want to do Orthopedic PT, and my ultimate goal is to reach a level of competence and experience that will make...
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    Can you recommend good e-courses?

    I'm trying to find good e-courses about orthopedic physical therapy? Can anybody recommend some sites?