1. M

    I have compiled a list of cons with being a dentist… let me know if any of these are inaccurate or not common enough

    Lets start with the general state of the profession: The field is getting saturated and will require you to move to a more rural setting to find a job that pays more than $120K. Insurance reimbursements are cut year-after-year, making you have to work harder to collect compensation over...
  2. D

    Independent Pharmacy Owners: How do you survive with such low reimbursements?

    I am a pharmacist currently working for a chain pharmacy, and I was looking to open my own independent pharmacy in the coming years. I was wondering how pharmacies in general survive with such low reimbursements. I won't divulge specifics,but I will give an example of common reimbursement for...
  3. JustinLeeDPT

    GREAT OPPORTUNITY for a PT who wants to OWN their own clinic

    Hello fellow PTs! My name is Justin Lee, I am a Physical Therapist from Los Angeles, California. I'm a DPT who's an entrepreneur at heart. I've started 2 successful businesses in college, one of which was a mobile technology company that served PTs around the US. Currently, I am the owner and...