1. A

    NP or PA, working in Maternal Fetal?

    I am currently working on undergrad and interested in working in the maternal fetal medicine specialty, but unsure on which path to take, either nurse prac or physician assist. I prefer more of the autonomy I've heard that comes with NP but I've also heard that PAs are more accepted in surgical...
  2. D

    How do I decide between PA or MD/DO?

    I'm currently a sophomore in college and have been planning to go to PA school. However, I've recently become really indecisive about going to med school or PA school. They both have their pros and cons. I just wanted some perspective about whether my pros and cons were true and justified and...
  3. jcorpsmanMD

    Applying to PA school! Help please!

    Hi everyone & thank you in advance. I am posting for my girlfriend, regarding her competitiveness in applying. Her application is submitted but she's having some doubts so she's considering applying to more schools, so I was hoping you all could help! Here we go: -Graduated December 2015 w/...
  4. Lil Red PrePsy Student

    Education and Career Track for Student Interested in Transition Related Care

    Hi Everyone, Mini existential crisis happening. I dont think I want to be a Psychologist anymore. You know despite all of my education, money, and experience being in the realm of social and behavioral sciences. I have decided that I like the idea of being a surgical PA or NP but I would like...
  5. A

    PA-C and ATC Combo

    I can't seem to find a great answer to this, (if you pass google page 3, it doesn't exist) but, what can you do with the PA-C and ATC combination? I currently am a practicing ATC, and due to life, I am looking at pursuing PA school locally. Now before you start with PAs can do X,Y, and Z, I'm...