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    Pre-dent changing to pre-PA

    Hi guys! I graduated in 2017 and on my track to dental school. I actually applied to dental school that year but got rejected to all because I took my DAT too late. However, later tht year I decided that dentistry isn't for me, plus I'm not ready to take on a huge debt afterwards (300-500k...
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    Switching from Pharmacy to PA

    Just need some advice into a very scary chapter in my life. I have read some very scary things about pharmacy field that have made me rethink my course. I have been working towards a pharmacy career and been working as a tech for the last 3 years, but now want to switch to physician assistant...
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    PA application quandary

    Hey guys, I'm a Microbiology grad (3.52GPA at UT, 4.0 at community college) from UTexas at Austin in 2012 and started looking into the path to become a PA. I've been a molecular biologist / lab manager for almost the whole time since I graduated. I started looking at pre-reqs for PA school and...