1. StanfordMedStudent2018

    "We're the One" (Stanford School of Medicine Parody of "I'm the One")

    Hey Pre-Meds! Stanford's back at it again with this year's parody music video (presented by the entering PA and MD classes of 2017):
  2. vetmedhead

    Post Attention Help

    Parody over, everybody move on
  3. Toothout

    Dental school funny videos

    hey guys! Lately, I've been craving for dental school related YouTube videos, but I can't find that many. Could you share with me your favs? This is my favorite: the six people you'll meet in DS I'm looking for more stuff like this. Parodies (songs) will be welcomed, but I'm not a fan.
  4. Toothout

    Dental school parody

    Thought it was cool and wanted to share :)
  5. Just1voice

    Howard (HBCU) Medical School Music Video Parody