part time

  1. A

    Hospitalist 0.5 FTE to 0.75 FTE or Weekend Only

    Hello! I'm a PGY 2 resident who loves patient care but am pretty burnt out. I'm looking to start a 0.5 FTE to 0.75 FTE hospitalist position out of residency. Anyone working this type of position? I want to get to know my daughter a bit better haha and just enjoy life. I'm not really...
  2. Green Turtle

    To withdraw or not to withdraw

    I've been reading through endless threads on this topic, but would love some advice on my particular situation. Thanks in advance. Situation: I am currently in Calculus 2 and slowly falling behind. We have daily quizzes that I underperform on, and have taken one exam of four that I received a...
  3. R

    Freelance Clinical Jobs for Doctors

    Interested in part-time or freelance clinical jobs? Checkout Nomad Health at nomadhealth.com. Nomad is a new, completely free service for doctors to find freelance clinical jobs -- like temporary gigs, telehealth, locum tenens, shift work, etc. -- but without recruiters or paperwork. Doctors...
  4. KloudMD

    Licensed Residents, Fellows: Telemedicine opportunity available

    Set your own availability, get paid $120-$180/hr, malpractice fully covered, apply here If you have any questions e-mail [email protected] or call 844-4-KloudMD or +14077921197 ext 123 to reach me personally if you have questions. This isn't a paid ad. I work for them and it's awesome. They're...
  5. nebuchadnezzarII

    Is it feasible to work part-time as a hospitalist in a primary care specialty?

    I'm considering working part-time for several years after residency. I'm curious about what this would mean for me. Ideally, I'd like to work with a hospital system. I live in the largest city on the East Coast and there are dozens of hospitals here. As a part-time employee (working 20-30...
  6. P

    Finding a Job with Clinical Experience When you Have PTSD

    I am really needing some advice. To make a long story short and without going into much detail, I have PTSD after being raped and sexually assaulted for two years. Before this, I was well on my way to building up my medical school application. I had a 3.92 PGA. My AA degree. Multiple...
  7. C

    Evening / Weekend Part-Time Post Bacc options?

    Do any of you know of any primarily Evening / Weekend Part-Time Post Bacc programs for Career Changers other than the ones below that are do-able while working a job? So far I know of the following post bacc programs mostly Night / Weekend courses: Harvard Extension School (HES) UPenn pre-med...
  8. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Working Part-Time out of Residency?

    I recently had someone tell me today that I could not have a career in medicine and raise a good family at the same time. This has really discouraged me and I've been unable to study all day as I ponder what they said. I'm not naive, I know medicine take effort and a lot of sacrifices and long...