1. Z

    ADA practice exam please guide me what to do

    Hello. I really dont know what im doing . Can you please let me know what step I should take for many who been thru it. I just took 2007 ada Bio I 26 right STD 39 Chem I got 20 right STD 26 Orgo I got 24 right STD I believe total science comes out to 18 I did not do well on PAT the...
  2. A

    STEP 2 CS- Mistakes enough to fail?

    Hey everyone, Just wrote my Step 2 CS as a Canadian IMG studying in the UK and i made some mistakes that are giving me anxiety and i'm wondering if it is enough to possibly cause me to fail. - I auscultated the aortic and pulmonary valve for every patient, but i did not auscultate at the 5th...
  3. N

    Passing all classes?

    Does anyone know if offers of admission state you must pass all the classes you are currently taking. I have interview at UDM and have a D in orgo 2. The email I received before my interview said I had satisfied my org 2 requirement so I am just wondering, if I get an offer of admission, will it...
  4. OnePunchBiopsy

    Step 2 CS Studying- Let's Be Real

    I had a friend recently fail CS. He came up with a great idea to prepare for his retake that I feel compelled to share. If you recently failed CS, skip down to the bottom paragraph. If you are a 3rd year who wants to prevent themselves from failing CS, continue reading. I'M A 3RD YEAR WHO...
  5. M

    Withdrawing or Retaking

    Hi everyone, I need your guys' opinions on something. I am premed with a 3.94 cumulative GPA, but I am getting a "C" in one of my classes. I spoke to the professor and she basically said that there was no way I could raise the grade. Should I drop the class and receive a "W" on my transcript...