pathologist assistant

  1. 1

    Waitlisted and Considering Reapplying for MD vs. Applying for Pathologist Assistant

    I am currently on the "upper one half" of the waitlist at my top choice school (UMSOM). While I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I need to plan for rejection and what my next steps will be if I don't get accepted from the waitlist. I am currently deciding between choosing to re-take the MCAT or...
  2. Katrod19

    Seeking advice from possible Forensic Pathologists or Pathologist's assistant

    I'm currently a sophomore in College. I do this thing where I obsess over what the future holds (lol). I have always been interested in forensic pathology and planned on attending med school to become on. However, I ran across something called a Pathologist Assistant. What are the differences...
  3. A

    Pathologist Assistant Career Undergrad Prep and Scholarships

    I'm a sophomore biology major currently (recently) planning for a PathA career. My understanding is that admission to a masters program is competitive, but I'm shadowing at and volunteering for my local hospital's pathology/anatomy department, and my GPA is in good standing. Aside from that...