1. Spartacus.Free


  2. SpecialistMD

    Specialist OTD trying to work in private- Australia

    Hi, I'm an overseas trained specialist, holding a limited registration for postgraduate or supervised training (specialist recognition) from the AHPRA. They have limited my areas of work as per my contract and my employer is in private sector. After relocating to Australia with my family, my...
  3. D

    Drexel DPMS 2018-2019

    Has anyone applied to this program? Any current students or alumni willing to answer questions? Thanks!
  4. Jarshok

    My Weird uncontrolled path...

    So, before I start talking about my situation, I was taken off private school at 6th grade, and did homeschooling with FLVS for 6 years. In that time, I finished up my middle school and high school required classes and then started dual enrollment. I was eligible to graduate highschool at the...

    ** USC DH/DDS Pathway 2017-2018 Cycle **

    Hi, all! I see there are past pathway threads but there isn't one for this cycle! Has anyone hear back from USC regarding the decision?
  6. wensleydale

    DH/DDS Pathway 2016-2017 Cycle

    How did interviews go today everyone? It was great talking to you all! You all seem like an upstanding group of people :)