patient contact hours

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    VA hospital volunteering - which position is best?

    Hi SDN! I need some clinical volunteering hours (I have next to none) and I need to decide between two positions at the VA hospital: volunteering at the emergency department or in the hospice wing. Which do you think would be best? I have a lot of shadowing under my belt, but most was in the OR...
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    FM Salary

    According to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2016, family physicians make $207,000 on average. I have some questions related to this: Does anybody know roughly how many patients per day or per week a family doctor would see to earn around $207,000? Approximately what percent of...
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    Travelling AND getting medical experience?

    I am wondering if you are aware of any volunteer or paid programs that allow you to travel outside the US and gain experience working in a healthcare setting. (Some background if you are wondering): This question comes as I am about to graduate undergrad and have never had the opportunity to...
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    PhysAssist Scribe Opportunity

    We are currently looking for candidates, who are interested in gaining medical experience, to join our team at PhysAssist Scribes in Milwaukee. Our scribes work in the emergency departments throughout the US. Application: links.iamscribe.com/apply Email our recruiting team: [email protected]
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    Becoming Medical Scribe?

    I want to get patient contact hours however many accepted positions that accredited PA programs accept require certifications. I work full time for CDC, MPH, and I have to take some additional pre-requisites which is why I want to start patient contact hours right away versus waiting to complete...