1. A

    Odds of getting into a good PBPM program?

    Hey all, Looking into several Post Bacc programs (Goucher, U Penn, UVA, GW, Georgetown, Wash U, etc.). My stats are the following: 3.55 overall GPA, 4.0 sGPA (but have only taken two sciences classes), undergrad degree is in Spanish (also studied Arabic), lots of international travel (have...
  2. executivewaffle

    WAMC: Goucher, Bryn Mawr

    Edit: Hi, everyone. I'm always left a bit frustrated when OP doesn't deliver so I'm back to close the loop. It is now March 2018. I made the post below on March 2017. I was invited to interview at both Goucher and Bryn Mawr and at some other postbac programs. I will be starting at Bryn Mawr in...