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    For Sale Selling Dr.Collins 2016 Updates, Kaplan 2016-2017, PCAT Destroyer 2015-2016

    Hi, I'm selling Dr.Collins 2016 Updates Good condition Few Highlighting Erased all writings Few tests are missing from biology and math section, but I still have 4 for both of those sections Biology section should not be used as your primary study tool, ONLY USE AS A REVIEW GUIDE, USE...
  2. C

    For Sale PCAT Study Guides and Practice Tests with July 2016 Updates

    I am glad that I do not need to take the PCAT again, so I have no need for the materials anymore. Someone please take them off my hands for a reasonable/negotiable price. Absolutely no highlighting or marks. Message me if interested.
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    Question about pharmacy school and PCAT

    Hi, I'm going to be a sophomore in college and I'm a little stressed about what to do. I don't have a pharmacy advisor here to help me so I need some help. I want to apply for pharmacy school this year so that the fall of 2017 I will be going to pharmacy school. When do I start to study for the...
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    Advertisement PrepGenie PCAT Course 2016-17 (Updated)

    Product Description No of questions (with answers and worked solutions): 1536 questions at $299.00 USD All questions are in test format so that you get top practice a similar PCAT test online. Ask an Expert: The Ask an Expert button is there right beneath every question in the LMS (Learning...
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    Can I please get an honest evaluation and advice

    Hi guys, I'm in a very bad predicament. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for 2 years. I will graduate with a biology degree this summer. However my college years have not been so great. I had many obstacles my way being the eldest child I had to work full time as well as be a full...
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    For Sale PCAT studying materials

    Hello, future pharmacists! I am selling 2015 Dr. Collin's Study guide and 2015 PCAT destroyer for $210. FREE SHIPPING! They both don't have any highlighting/writing inside. They are in GREAT condition! I spilled coffee on PCAT destroyer cover though but inside is brand new. If you want more...