pcat score

  1. amorcat

    Got destroyed on reading this morning...

    I'll start with my score first: SS PR Bio 455 98 Chem 439 92 Reading 391 40 QRT 432 97 Composite 432 95 No words can describe how terrible I feel right now. I can't believe my score just sank...
  2. E


    Hi everyone, please let me know what does that mean percentile 18%. how do they calculate?
  3. C

    PCAT issues with PharmCAS??

    Hi everyone, Is anyone having trouble with their PCAT scores appearing in PharmCAS? I took the test in July. My official scores only show when I download the PDF version of the application. However, the written section is blank. Also, when I go to the 'check status' tab of the application, it...
  4. G

    Need help!! Thanks guys!

    Hi Guys, I just took the PCAT today and here is my score: Bio 75 Chem 99 Critical reading 82 quant 53 Composite 91 I know i did terrible on the quant sec because the truth is i didn't study for it for even an hour!! I got 4.0 in all my college calculus classes and i even took differential...