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    Selling Dr. Collins 2015 New!!! $300

    Selling Dr. Collins for $300 dollars. Hey guys I'm a junior here in Michigan. I just took my PCAT on January 6th and got a preliminary score composite of 80 percentile. I got 94th percentile in Chemistry. 80+ in both Quantative Ability and Biology. And 30-45 in the Reading and Verbal sections...
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    January PCATS- Tips/advice on acing it and anything you took away from taking it the first time

    Hi guys! I am currently studying to take my PCATS January 5th (SUPER SOON/SCARED) Please post any advice/tips you have for acing it, anything you suggest on preparing for it, any specific information to focus on by subject, basically just anything you have to say to help us fellow PCAT takers...