pediatrics review and education program

  1. A

    470 on COMLEX, interested in Peds, chances?

    Hi I couldn't find a recent post on how to gauge COMLEX scores for Pediatrics. I scored a dismal 470 because of an unfortunate situation. My practices were >500. I know I'll do better on COMLEX 2. What do you think my chances are for ACGME Peds residencies? I am hoping to do a neonatology...
  2. Linus van Pelt

    WANTED: 2015 AAP PREP Self-Assessment Book

    Unfortunately, only the online version of the PREP questions are subsidized for residents now. I would like to have a paper copy but I'm not willing to shell out the $150 the AAP charges for members to purchase. Does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell for less than that?