1. D

    Pediatric dental residency

  2. D

    Pediatric dental residency vs GP

  3. B

    Pediatric Dentistry Residency

    Hey everyone. Hoping to get some insight about applying into Pediatric Residencies. I graduated 3 years ago and have been practicing pediatric dentistry in a low-income/medicaid health clinic as a general dentist. Ive taken a ton of CE on peds but its just not enough and I have to refer away a...
  4. Kavity

    Which pediatric dentistry residency programs in NY do not require 1 yr experience/GPR after predoc?

    I've heard that a lot of NY peds programs require 1 year of practice experience/GPR/AEGD before enrolling in a peds specialty program. Does anyone know which ones do not require 1 year of experience/GPR/AEGD prior to enrollment (AKA which ones allow students to apply straight from predoc to a...
  5. D

    I'm a pedodontist...and I suck at doing extractions!

    Hi all, I'm a practicing pediatric dentist (went to residency) and I am horrible at doing primary teeth extractions! Obviously, those ones that are about to exfoliate are not my problem, but it's the one with the roots. I've tried several methods and each time I do it, I feel like I inflict...