1. S

    Improving Clinical Eval Results and "Fairness"

    Improving Clinical Eval Results and "Fairness" I've been doing some thinking and reading of the forum, and have decided there must be a better attitude for approaching clinicals than I and many of many fellow students have. I've observed the students who are doing well and those who are not...
  2. medstudent1215

    Thank You emails following interview

    Is this something that is common to do? I had never even thought about it, or heard of it before my last interview where someone asked "is it okay if we send thank you emails to our interviewers?" The speaker knew what she was talking about and said that the school accepts them. How many people...
  3. S

    Which school asked you to bring a person to the interview?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard there is a dental school that asks (or used to ask?) people being interviewed to bring a person they admired/inspired them/look up to etc... I think it was one in TN but I could be wrong. If anyone knows, please post!
  4. Z

    recommended pre-med major

    Hi SDN, I am currently beginning college and would like to know how to choose or what major to choose based on the following information. After attending medical school I want to be a psychiatrist. Although I am interested in biology I do not want to be a biology major. I am very intrigued by...
  5. R

    Should I even be premed?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to posting on the student doctor network but definitely not to the forums as I've always found them very informative. I was posting because I just started my freshman year of college and even though I've been telling people I'm interested in medicine, I'm begin to really...