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    U of I - Peoria vs SLU

    U of I - Peoria (in-state student) Pros Small class size ~60 (less competition for resources, more attention from faculty) Jump Simulation Center Good area hospitals that are well run Illinois Neuroscience Institute nearby so a lot of neuro research available VR technology available Synthesis...
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    UIC vs VTC

    Hi all, made a new account to preserve anonymity. I am currently deciding between University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and Virginia Tech Carilion. I am a resident of Illinois, however, with VTC's M1 scholarship, tuition, at least for the M1 year is less at VTC. I am blessed to...
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    SLU v. UICOM-P

    Hi all, As Decision Day approaches, I am reaching out to you all to see if you have any insight on the medical programs at Saint Louis University and University of Illinois, Peoria. Since I am a California resident, I would also love to get insight from Californians going to school in the Mid...