peptide bond

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    Function of Lipase - TPR Demo Test

    I am reviewing my TPR Demo Test results and can't seem to figure out this question even though it seems pretty straight-forward: Lipase works to hydrolyze which of the following functional groups? (a) Amide (b) Ester (c) Ether (d) Hemiacetal I originally thought the answer would be b -...
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    MCAT EK Question on Peptide Bond Formation

    Seeing as there's no one else who commented on this, I'm assuming I'm wrong about something. On page 12 in the Examkracker's BIO1 manual (topic is Amino Acids and Proteins), there is a statement that "nitrogen is most stable with four bonds". The statement is in reference to the partial double...
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    Type of Reaction for Peptide Bond Formation

    Hey guys, What is the reaction that makes peptide bond called? I know that it is dehydration reaction, but EK Chemistry calls it a "typical nucleophilic substitution reaction." How so? EK calls the phosphodiester bond formation a nucleophilic substitution reaction as well. Both the reactions...