1. DigitalDental

    Wondering what your DAT score is in percentile? I found the official ADA document for conversions!

    Hello all, I found this nifty document on the ADA website a few weeks back and thought I'd share it with yall. Seems like a lotta people want to know what their DAT score is in percentile form and this document lets you figure that out using 2016 DAT data. This document is brand new as far as...
  2. M

    examkrackers practice test conversion

    Hi everyone! For those of you completing the EK full-lengths, would you happen to know of any reliable way to convert the % score to actual MCAT score? Or maybe you can recount your experience i.e. how did your performance on the EK practice exams correlate with the actual exam performance...
  3. hello_people

    what is the average percentage required to get admission at the ontario veterinary college?

    expected percentage for international students at university of guleph, ontario veterinary college (i am indian)
  4. resh58

    4/1/2016 MCAT Results

    Hello Everyone! I received my April 1st MCAT results back, and overall I am pleased with the results! C/P: 123 (33%) CARS: 128 (90%) Bio: 124 (44%) Psych 129 (92%) Composite: 504 (67%) I intend to apply for allopathic programs in the US after completing an MSc with the London School of...