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    Medical Assistant vs. Scribe vs. Autotransfusion Tech

    I know a lot of people looking to apply for medical school often work as medical assistants or scribes to gain "clinical" experience, but it seems to me that these things are becoming part of the pre-med checklist making the experience less unique compared to what it used to be. I recently...
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    USMLE Perfusion limited, A-a gradient is not zero

    FA17 says that normal A-a gradient for oxygen is 10-15 mm Hg. Doesn't this mean that normally oxygen is diffusion limited? I am a little bit confused here, as multiple sources (including FA17) say that oxygen normally (in a healthy person at rest) is perfusion limited. If oxygen is really...
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    Any insight on this career?

    I've been reading about something called Perfusion and it's something that sparked an interest in me. I know this is a doctor forum and 99% of people have never heard about this career anyways, but thought I'd ask and see what I can get back. All I can find online is old posts, no real solid...
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    Perfusionists, do you like your job?

    I've been deciding what to do with my BSc. within healthcare. I have one question to all the perfusionists out there: do you like your job and why?