1. F

    Where do I apply?! 3.88, 505 MCAT

    Hi I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools. Where should I apply with these credentials and have a good chance of being accepted? GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 505 Extracurricular: College cheerleader/mascot Leadership: Assistant Director of a refugee soccer league Cancer Kid Camp...
  2. BehindBlueEyes

    Medical Volunteering Abroad Bad for Resume?

    I'm an M1 and I'd really like to do something abroad this summer, probably the entire summer if I can. I know a couple of organizations I've worked with before in Peru and Guatemala that have different medical volunteering opportunities as well as legitimate Medical Spanish Terminology classes...
  3. R

    Nephrology residence

    Hello, I am a medical student from Peru. I am coursing the 5th year of Medicine. Here, most medical schools consider 3 years of Basic Sciences, 3 years of Clinics and 1 year of Internship. After you graduate, you recibe the title of "Médico Cirujano", which could be considered as General...