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    Position Swap Looking for PGY 2 spot on July 1, 2021.

    I am a PGY 1 Internal Medicine resident on an H1B visa in upstate NY with good standing in the program. I am looking for PGY 2 opening in any specialty which sponsors H1B. Preferably Internal Medicine Categorical program. Preferably northeast states. If anyone wants to swap. I am open. thanks...
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    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-2 IM,FM,Psychiatry positions any where across country

    Looking for PGY-2 IM,FM,Psychiatry positions any where across country,please let me know if you know any.
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    General Practice PGY 2

    Hello, I'm a PGY1 at Dental General Practice at Northside Medical Center in OH and they are closing the program. I need a PGY2 position for July 1, 2018. I'm a foreign trained Dentist (University of Costa Rica) and maybe my FTE and Cap position can be transfer...I need help and Advice PLEASE!!!!
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    Position Available PGY-2 IM POSITION OPENING IN PA

    We are looking for a PGY-2 IM resident for July 2018 at the residency program where I work in Bethlehem, PA. If interested please contact me. Ana Sorry haven’t posted enough to put my email? So respond to thread!
  6. L

    Position Wanted Interested in PGY-2 IM/FM

    I will finish the requisites of PGY-1 IM in June 2018. Looking for any PGY-2 openings for IM/FM.
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    Position Swap PGY 2 IM in NYC

    Hello - I am trying to switch from New England area to NYC or any program close to the city. Currently a PGY 1 IM (categorical) trying to find a PGY 2 IM spot starting July 2018.
  8. F

    PGY2 Dental Residency with opportunity to earn MPH in Westchester County, NY

    A PGY2 opportunity is available for a motivated resident who is interested in public health. The position requires successful completion of your current PGY1 General Dental Practice Residency. This unique opportunity has been made possible by a HRSA grant and provides the opportunity to...
  9. P

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM PA seeking PGY 2 in IL/IN/OH

    Hi I am halfway through IM in PA in good standing as a PGY-1, wanting to transfer/swap . Looking to start July 2017, swap or transfer
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    Position Wanted open PGY2 spot in NY or TX

    Hi, does anyone here know of an open PGY2 spot starting July 2017 in New York or Texas? Please let me know!
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    Position available--Mayo Clinic Arizona Neurology PGY 2

    Mayo Clinic in Arizona Neurology Residency Program PGY-2 opening available Start Date: As soon as possible PREREQUISITES: - Successful completion of PGY-1 year in an ACGME accredited preliminary medicine/transitional year residency program Interested candidates should email the following to...
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    Position Wanted EM PGY-2 position

    Hello, I am currently a PGY-1 Emergency Medicine resident in good standing at my current program. I have already passed all my STEPs and had a competitive in-training score. I am looking for a PGY-2 position vacant in the New England area as close to New Haven as possible. I am looking to move...
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    Looking for PGY2 Psych Position in Los Angeles

    I'm a current psychiatry intern at a good program in NYC looking to swap/transfer to LA for an open PGY2 position starting 7/16 for personal reasons. My program is great, but life.... Message me if you know of an opening in the LA area or are interested in a potential NYC/LA swap