1. A

    CSU East Bay PHAP 2022-2023

    Hello all :) I have not spotted any threads regarding this cycle yet, so I have decided to create one so we can all connect. I was recently accepted into the program and was wondering if any past or current students from the program have feedback/advice. Thank you!
  2. MBMIL_YF2016

    2021 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    Hello, My name is Lupe. This is my second year time applying for the PHAP program offered by the CDC. I was accepted the first time, but unfortunately had to decline. However, I am anticipating a second acceptance which I will take. I am posting this thread because I did not see any for the...
  3. P

    2020 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    First post. Is anyone else on planning to apply for the 2020 PHAP cycle? If anyone has gone through the application process, any advice is welcomed.
  4. O

    *Official CSU East Bay PHAP 2020-2021

    Hi All! Starting a thread since I did not see any for this cycle. I was recently accepted into CSUEB's PHAP program for the AET/Track-II path (I'm pre-PA). I wanted to see if anyone has accepted their admissions? And if any current or graduated students from the program have feedback on if...
  5. maciemishelle

    2019 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    Hey everyone! First post on here. Is anyone else on here planning to apply for the 2019 PHAP cycle? I have been looking forward to applying to this program since I first discovered it about a month or two ago, but there is still no information posted on the site for when the application opens...
  6. rap15

    2018 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    The application finally opened today so I figured I would get the discussion started! Public Health Advisor- CDC Public Health Associate Program for Recent Graduates As a first question for anyone who has applied before...since I am a current undergrad, I have to submit an enrollment...
  7. S

    2017 PHAP (Public Health Associate Program)

    :hello: This may be jumping the gun a bit since apps just opened today but oh well--we can have an early start to freaking out over the waiting game :p (For people just seeing this thread and wanting to know more about the program/application, here's a link: https://www.cdc.gov/phap/index.html)...
  8. C

    2016 PHAP (Public Health Associate Program) application - General discussion thread

    I'm sure that most of you who planned to apply to the 2016 round of PHAP have done so already, so here's a place to discuss the process from here on out! Some things to get us started: Current associates: -How did the application process go for you? What factors about your...