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  1. Novanym

    Pharmacist or Pharmacologist- Higher Study & Career prospects for a Chemist having pharmaceutical experience.

    Dear good people, I am writing to ask for assistance in choosing a suitable field for my future career and higher study. I have over 3 years of experience working in an R&D Analytical Department at a pharmaceutical company and I am pretty much familiar with HPLC, GC, Dissolution, Stability...
  2. M

    Easy way to remember antibiotics for different diseases

    Hi, I would like to know: is there an easy way to learn the antibiotics used in different conditions? or how would you go about learning them? I am finding it very hard to rote memorize, for eg meningitis-ceftriaxone, pneumonia- amoxiclin/clarithromycin/co-amoxiclav, chlamydia-azithromycin...
  3. docjohng

    Pharmacology or psychiatry student wanted for project

    We're looking for a motivated, responsible student or recent graduate who's interested in helping us out with a project in updating our drug reference information on our website. You must be studying in either the pharmacology or psychiatry field, or have a recent degree that reflects such...
  4. C

    Pharmacist vs Pharmacologist

    Made a video about the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacologist *may differ depending on country*