pharmacy schools

  1. heather25

    High Point University PharmD?

    How does everyone feel about PharmD program at High Point University? I just received an acceptance there and wanted to gather more opinions!
  2. S

    Which Pharmacy school to pick?

    Hello everyone, This my first time using this forum. I got accepted into USC and Washington State University. I am waiting to hear back from 2 more schools. I know that USC has a really good ranking, reputation, research foundation, and strong alumni work. But the tuition is extremely high...
  3. S

    Where to do Pharmacy...?

    So I was think of going into pharmacy school,but in Canada and the States the chances of being accepted are low (due to competition), and you never know after what year you will accepted. I.e after first year, second year, or third, or after you complete the four years of Bsc. So, I was thinking...
  4. D

    Do Pharmacy Schools honor grade forgiveness?

    So I'm extremely new to SDN (this is my first post) so be merciful pls :) I just wanted to know if Pharmacy schools take into account your new GPA if you have retaken a class or two. Doing so has really helped my GPA so I was wondering if Pharmacy schools would consider it. Also, do any other...