1. B

    Timeline for USMLE step 1 prep with CBSE in mind?

    This message thread is for Phloston. Current third year international medical student finishing in June here. Was planning to write my step 1 sometime in 2018. My school requires that I score at least a 65% on the CBSE exam in order to be able to take the step 1, and this exam is given twice a...
  2. Invictus1911

    USMLE Step 1 2016: Official Phloston advice

    This message thread is for Phloston. I've read numerous of your posts and some questions about board prep. 1) When doing a first pass through UWorld, do you recommend choosing questions by subcategory or big categories. Example: GI vs. pathophys, phsy, pharm of GI (excluding certain topics such...
  3. Dr.serotonin

    USMLE Effectiveness of Study materials

    dear members I know this thing is v v subjective but I was wondering if some one effectively study the following regimen then where possibly can he/she falls regarding score . . i want to extract an idea how useful following studying materials are. FA + GoljanRR + Rx + Uworld