1. J

    Physician or Not Physician

    I have a question: If you don't complete a residency, can you still be considered a physician? What make a physician? What do you folks say?
  2. Y

    I need a physician to interview for an assignment

    I just transferred from another college and I had to take this class called New Student Experience and I need to interview someone who is working in the field in which I'm interested in. I need a physician who can answer a few questions, it will take only a few minutes. Thank you!
  3. L

    Med school VS Dental school

    Hey! I have applied to both dental school and med school. I got in to both! The problem: I thought that my gut feeling would help me out on this one but it didn't do its part, me very disappointing :P. My question to you guys is what is the pros and cons for both fields? and could you guys pls...
  4. S

    Post Bacc Work

    Has anyone been through a post Bacc program? I'm currently a Jr. getting my BS in Cardiovascular Technology. It gives me all my pre-reqs for medical school. To make my application more competitive, I was considering a post bacc program to raise my GPA. Could anyone tell me how much it affects...
  5. worldwidemich

    Low undergrad gpa would like to apply to DO school

  6. BuckyBadger08


    Okay so I had a few questions on what I should do. I'm 20 years old and am just now deciding to go back to school. I took a few years off to work and try to figure out what path I wanted to go in life. After being a landscaper, store manager, warehouse worker, tool and die maker, machinst and...
  7. P

    Highschool student with questions for people in medicine

    Hi, I'm in highschool, and I'm interested in medicine. I'm 15 years old, black, and female(underrepresented minority). I had some questions for all of you that I hope you can answer. How did you know that you wanted to be in medicine? How do you choose what category of medicine to be in(like...